Greytown and Country Timber Lifestyle Gates, Greytown, Wairarapa

(Lower North Island NZ)

Environmentally sustainable high quality custom built gates

Established in 2014 as Greytown & Country Gates (trademark) we started custom building high quality lifestyle gates in the top brace English heritage style for customers wanting something special for the entrance to their residence or lifestyle property. We supply gates and often undertake full installation including posts to make life easy for our customers.

We work with customers to tailor gates and posts (if required) to fit and enhance the entry statement to their property. Many people have wanted a more stable timber (less likely to warp,cup or twist) that can present over time with that natural timber finish that speaks so much of our history and the environment. Only clears (no knots) high grade timber is selected.

We source local Macrocarpa (Monteray Cyprus) that is hand graded from long term air drying sheds as our product of choice. It is an exotic softwood originating in California that works more like Kauri as a hardwood and has unique properties of being naturally borer resistant (anobium) and above ground is insect and rot resistant . Without the need for treatment Macrocarpa has a durability rating similar to H3.1 treated radiata pine (NZ building code) and resists warping or cupping.

Wayne O'Styke




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